Battle Tested

Winchester has built our reputation on delivering innovative ammunition products, providing top-shelf customer service and demonstrating industry leadership.
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A Trusted Partner of the U.S. Military

Recently selected to operate the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant in addition to our facilities in Oxford, Mississippi, and East Alton, Illinois.


Winchester leads the industry in designing and building small caliber ammunition.

Built by Us and Delivered by Us

Top to bottom management of our worldwide supply chain.

Unmatched Production Capabilities

Battle Proven

With over a century of supporting the Warfighter, Winchester remains ready and able to support troops near or far. Here's a look at our history of support.
  • 1918

    47,000 BARs and 870 million rounds of ammunition are produced to support the war effort.

  • 1918

    Gen. John J. Pershing writes to the employees of the Western Cartridge company (a predecessor of Olin) thanking them for their loyalty and support of the American Expeditionary Forces.

  • 1939

    65,000 M1 Garands are ordered by the U.S. military.

  • 1941

    Winchester develops the M1 Carbine in 13 days and delivers 800,000 for the war effort.

  • 1945

    Winchester produces 15 billion rounds to support the war effort and receives the Army-Navy “E” Award for excellence in production.

  • 1985

    Winchester is awarded the Operating Contract for Lake City Army Ammunition Plant and produces 8 billion rounds over the next 15 years.

  • 1986

    Winchester develops .50 Caliber SLAP.

  • 2001-Present

    Winchester produces 2 billion rounds of ammunition supporting the American Warfighter.

  • 2003

    Winchester is awarded Urgent Buy contract.

  • 2011

    Winchester is awarded Second Source contract.

  • 2012

    Winchester conducts acceptance testing and begins delivery on 5.56 A1-EPR.

  • 2014

    Winchester conducts acceptance testing and begins delivery on 7.62 A1-EPR.

  • 2016

    Winchester is awarded first contract to produce MHS ammunition, and is awarded follow on Second Source contract.

  • 2017

    Winchester delivers 400 million primers to LCAAP to sustain production during shutdown.

  • 2019

    Winchester is Selected by the U.S. Army to operate and manage LCAAP, and is also awarded sub-contract from Textron Systems to assist in the development of 6.8mm cased-telescoped ammunition for the NGSW program.

Winchester has built its reputation on delivering innovative ammunition products, providing top-shelf customer service and demonstrating industry leadership.
  • Four Unique Trade Channels

    • Military: .50 Caliber/7.62mm/5.56mm/9mm NATO/9mm MHS
    • Commercial: Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's
    • Law Enforcement: DHS/FBI/State and Local
    • Industrial: Construction/DIY/Cement Kilns
  • Trusted Producer of Proven Ammunition

    • Premier developer and manufacturer of small caliber ammunition.
  • Extensive Logistical Network

    • Over 1,000 lines of supply.
  • Unmatched Manufacturing Capabilities

    • Capable of manufacturing all major calibers/gauges of centerfire, shotshells and rimfire.
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Built to Last

Winchester is committed to producing innovative, quality products and doing it in a way that protects the health, safety and welfare of our employees and community.
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Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction

Winchester is committed to meeting customer expectations 100% of the time.

Maximizing Product Reliability

Our quality management system utilizes cutting-edge technology and business intelligence to ensure product reliability.

Our Systems in Action

Some of the systems and tools Winchester uses to ensure product reliability are Infinity Statistical Process Control, In-Line Laser Detection, High-Speed Vision Inspection, Barcode Scanning Controls and much more.

An Unmatched National and International Supply Chain

Winchester is committed to the intelligent planning and focused effort required to fully utilize our vast logistical network. With 60+ suppliers worldwide, Winchester continues to build and improve an efficient supply chain to ensure our products are delivered on time.

60+ Suppliers Worldwide 
Winchester takes pride in our successful government partnerships and commitment to the individuals who make up those government agencies. Year after year, Warfighters all over the globe trust Winchester to deliver when it counts the most. Here are some notable examples:

Second Source –
.50 Caliber, 7.62mm, 5.56mm

Delivered 1 billion rounds of ammunition on Urgent Buy and Second Source contracts

Strategic ammunition source geographically separate from LCAAP

Provides a second engineering/technical resource pool

7.62mm - M80A1 enhanced performance round and M80 NATO

.50 Caliber - M33 Ball

Pistol Family –
9mm NATO, .45 Auto, .38 Caliber

Primary supplier over 30 years

2.4 billion total rounds of ammunition delivered

Bullet images labeled by the guns in which they are used

MHS Pistol –
9mm Special Purpose and Ball

Awarded exclusive subcontract from SIG SAUER to supply ammunition

Production and initial deliveries made on schedule

Non-Recurring Engineering

Engineering support with small caliber ammunition efforts

Provides source for R&D expertise

Past Winchester engineering developments for the Army

Additional Capabilities

Shot Shell - 12 Gauge buck shot

Navy 9mm, .40 Caliber and 5.56 Frangible

DHS .40 Caliber, .223 Remington, 9mm

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